Taito RGB Hybrid replacement : Assembly Instructions

If you purchased a PCB or kit from me, then you may wish to know how to put it all together. You should have :-

1 x PCB

2 x GALs and the JED files (20V8 or 20V10 - if you wish to use a 22V10 email me and let me know as it needs testing)

3 x transistors C1815

3 x each resistor - values 100 ohm, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k and 16k

JED files are linked above if you need them to program your own GALs up. If you would like to use any other chips, let me know and I can send you the ABL code so you can try and adapt it for whatever you have.

This is what the PCB looks like (near enough anyway), and you can see the component values clearly marked. Resistors are marked to the right of the holes, so 16000 (16k)  is at the top right.

You don't have to fit sockets, and I don't supply them with the kit, but since I was still testing at this stage, the sockets allow me to change the GAL code much easier. I normally start fitting the resistors from right to left (I'm right handed - makes soldering easier) and it's then easy since you go in the pattern 16k, 8k, 4k, 2k, 1k - repeat that twice more, then fit the final 100 ohm resistors and the transistors.

When you cut off the extra legs from the resistors, save them, because they are what I use to make the 25 "legs" needed to connect the PCB to the main board.

Still missing the "legs", but otherwise ready to plug the GALs into and fit to the board.


Finally fitted to a Rainbow Islands PCB in place of the original.


Bubble Bobble

Now it was never designed to be used on a Bubble Bobble PCB, but it worked for me. It just needs wiring up to where the '040s used to live.

For anyone interested in using it like this, you need to remove resistors R2,R3 and R4 and the three PC040s. Where no IC number is given you can connect to any of the three PC040 positions (because it is the same signal) - you can see in the installed photo that I picked 5v up from nearer to the connector as well (normally pin 5, But I used the other end of the resistors I removed)

Where the wires need to go


Installed so you can see where I mean. The big red/yellow wire is just connected from GND to GND to hold it in place